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Hello, my name is

Susan J Walklate

Living My Radical Life!

"The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.
The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has been before."

~ Albert Einstein


Mother ~ Trainer ~ Facilitator ~ Writer ~ Speaker ~ Volunteer ~ Councillor ~ Teacher

Susan has always followed her passions and she demonstrates strength of character to follow her own beliefs. As a child she was described as single minded, self willed and wayward, though she was quiet and maybe introverted, these personality traits were certainly developing and influenced by her father.

She was determined to have her own pony and worked diligently toward this aim, which became a reality when she was 15 years old. She was totally responsible for his care and keep, by working on Saturdays in Woolworths to earn enough to pay for whatever Orinoko needed.

Having trained as a chemistry teacher and subsequently worked in chemistry laboratories for about 2 years she once again followed her dream of working with horses and left this well paid job to work and train, for a pittance, as a riding instructor in a large commercial riding centre in North London.

Continuing to follow her own path she did any part-time, temporary jobs available to enable her to build up her clientele in the horse industry as she ran Equestrian Services. At this stage she also ran an evening class, at the local college, called Understanding Horses, which ran successfully for 18 years.

So, when her son, Simon, was struggling at school and becoming shut down, it was an obvious step to take full responsibility of him, his education and upbringing. It wasn’t necessarily the easiest option, but it was certainly the best option for Simon.

This was a massive learning curve for Susan as it enabled her to step back from the tread mill and humdrum of society and be able to be more aware of the metaphors and influences of our society. The ingrained beliefs that life rotates around schools and schooling; about the erroneous belief that life is all about money and getting more money, which we are forced to believe can only come through pushing children through the pressures of achieving higher and better educational qualifications, rather than giving them true happiness, comfort and self awareness especially throughout a carefree childhood. Children learn organically principally when they are happy, interested and engaged.

With these beliefs Susan’s core values and tenacious passions had caused her to become more proactive in having a positive influence on the local environment and local government by being a volunteer on the local Parish Council, instigated a neighbourhood plan for the villages and was an active member of a local good neighbour scheme to support villagers staying within the rural environment.

Susan is now determined to tell the true life stories of the children who were successfully Home Educated and are now fully functioning adults of society.

Susan has also helped Simon, her son, to recognise his life path in his promotion of Home Education in a radical way and being an active member of society.

Susan runs workshops and gives talks on a variety of subjects including Home Education; radical life lessons; learning from horses and understanding animals.

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